57237: Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced, Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced: Acronis Hardware Compatibility Tool for tape devices

Last update: 22-10-2020

About the tool

  • Acronis Hardware Compatibility Tool for Tape Devices checks whether a particular tape device is supported by Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced/Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced.
  • The tool works with tape devices in the way Acronis Cyber Backup Agent does and performs a set of tests on tape drives and loaders (robots).
The tool performs write-erase tests (among others) so make sure the tape you use during the test does not contain important data
Acronis Hardware Compatibility Tool must not be run while backup/recovery activities are in progress


  • Run the tool on a machine with a tape device attached and running in any of the operating systems supported by Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced:
  • Ensure that the drivers are properly installed and the devices (robot, drives) are shown in Windows Device Manager.


  1. When launched, the tool detects the connected devices and lists them:
  2. Press Enter if you want to test all devices or type the number of a particular device.
  3. Once the devices are specified, the tool will ask you to configure a set of tests. To choose a test, type Y (Yes), N (No) or C (Close application).
    Note: the specified size for read/write test should not exceed the capacity of single tape media.
  4. Ensure that the tests are properly configured and type Y to confirm the launch of the tests:
  5. Wait while testing is in progress:
  6. When all the tests are completed, the tool will save the results into the same folder from which the tool was launched.
  7. The tool will ask you to send the results to Acronis. Please do this if you want your tape device to be added to Tape Hardware Compatibility List 0.1 MB.pdf at the Acronis website:

Download the tool