57237: Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced, Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced: Acronis Hardware Compatibility Tool for tape devices

Last update: 22-06-2022

About the tool

  • Acronis Hardware Compatibility Tool for Tape Devices checks whether a particular tape device is supported by Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced/Acronis Cyber Protect Advanced.
  • The tool works with tape devices in the way Acronis Cyber Backup Agent does and performs a set of tests on tape drives and loaders (robots).
The tool performs write-erase tests (among others) so make sure the tape you use during the test does not contain important data
Acronis Hardware Compatibility Tool must not be run while backup/recovery activities are in progress


  • Run the tool on a machine with a tape device attached and running in any of the operating systems supported by Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced:
  • Ensure that the drivers are properly installed and the devices (robot, drives) are shown in Windows Device Manager.


  1. When launched, the tool detects the connected devices and lists them:
  2. Press Enter if you want to test all devices or type the number of a particular device.
  3. Once the devices are specified, the tool will ask you to configure a set of tests. To choose a test, type Y (Yes), N (No) or C (Close application).
    Note: the specified size for read/write test should not exceed the capacity of single tape media.
  4. Ensure that the tests are properly configured and type Y to confirm the launch of the tests:
  5. Wait while testing is in progress:
  6. When all the tests are completed, the tool will save the results into the same folder from which the tool was launched.
  7. Please send the tool output results via e-mail to hcl-tapes@acronis.com, so that your tape device will be added to Tape Hardware Compatibility List 0.1 MB.pdf:

Download the tool