57122: Acronis Files Connect: migration to a new server

Follow these steps to migrate Acronis Files Connect from an old server to a new one.

Once the data is migrated (e.g. with robocopy) or the storage is moved/attached, check permissions and propagate as follows.

Access Connect requires the SYSTEM account have full control over the file system starting from the drive letter. This is the default setting in Windows and should not be removed.

You can add SYSTEM account permissions back using the command line starting at the root for each drive letter using the icacls command. Example of using icacls:
C:\>icacls *.* /T /C /Q /grant system:F
D:\>icacls *.* /T /C /Q /grant system:F

We recommend that you do disk maintenance: chkdsk /f and defrag.

Once the data is all moved and optimized:

1. Install Access Connect as a trial on the new server and configure. On a non-cluster installation, you can export/import our branch of the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\ExtremeZ-IP. Please refer to the following web-help article for more details about backup & disaster recovery: http://www.acronis.com/en-us/support/documentation/AccessConnect/#32328.....

2. When you are ready to do the cutover, stop and disable the "Access Connect File and Print Server for Macintosh" service in services.msc on the old server and enter the license key on the new server.

3. If you need the old server to be available for 21 days, you can uninstall Access Connect on the old server and reinstall as a trial.

Please note: You should disable the old server first before specifying the full serial number on the new machine. There are no conflicts between coexisting servers, apart from two servers running with the same perpetual serial number.

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