57107: Acronis Backup Cloud / Acronis Backup Service: Unattended Installation and Repairing of Agents on Windows

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Operating Systems: 

You can install and repair Backup Agents in an unattended way. In order to do that you need to prepare msi and mst installation files.

Create .msi and .mst installation files

  1. Download the full installation file: click on Add in Backup Console and pick Offline Installer for Windows x32 or x64 depending on your platform.
  2. Launch the installation file once it's downloaded. Click Create .mst and .msi files for unattended installation.
  3. Specify the credentials of the backup account. This account will be used to register machines with installed agents. Note: the credentials will be ignored during repairing
  4. Review or modify the installation settings that will be added to the .mst file. Pay special attention to the "What to install" section, the following components are mandatory: Agent for Windows, Command-Line tool, Backup Monitor.
  5. Click Generate.

As a result, the .mst transform is generated and the .msi and .cab installation packages are extracted to the folder you created.

Install agents

  1. Place the files created in the steps above to a shared folder and grant access to the user performing the installation (or to Everyone).
  2. Install agents by using this command:
    msiexec /i <path_to_the_msi> /qn /l*v install.log TRANSFORMS=<path_to_the_msi.mst>

If you need to reboot the machine after installation, you can use this command:
shutdown /r /t 1

More information about installation

If you cannot create .mst and .msi files using the installer interface, extract all files from it with a file archiver (like 7-zip or WinRar); then open the Command Prompt (Start -> Search -> cmd), browse to the folder with the extracted files, and issue this command:

msiexec /i BackupClient64.msi /qn /l*v install.log ADDLOCAL=MmsMspComponents,BackupAndRecoveryAgent,TrayMonitor
where <username> is the name of the user who shold run Managed Machine Service, and <password> is this user's password.

Repair agents

  1. Place the files created in the steps above to a shared folder and grant access to the user performing the installation (or to Everyone).
  2. Repair agents by using this command: 
    msiexec /i <path to msi> /qn /l*v install.log REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=omus REBOOT=ReallySuppress CURRENT_LANGUAGE=en

This operation repairs an existing installation of the backup agent in the same way it's done by the "Repair" button in the installer.

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