57042: Acronis True Image: Sign In at Program Start Fails


  1. You start Acronis True Image.
  2. You provide credentials to your Acronis account.
  3. Signing in fails with error:
    An error occurred while signing in. Please try again later.


Sign-in may fail due to multiple reasons. Most frequent of them are listed below, alongside with the corresponding solutions:

1. Incorrect e-mail or password

Check the credentials you have provided, see this article for help.


2. Ports 443, 44445 and 55556 are blocked

TCP ports 443, 44445 and 55556 of your PC or Mac are blocked on your computer or router. Acronis True Image connects through these ports when signing in or activating product and requires all these ports to be open.

You can check a port's status by using Acronis connection verification tool or by check it with telnet.

Open TCP ports 443, 44445 and 55556 for outbound connections in your firewall (for Windows firewall, see this Microsoft article). If the port is blocked by a third-party firewall or on your router, you need to open it there.


3. Acronis processes are blocked by Windows Firewall

Follow the steps outlined here to verify that Acronis processes are allowed access through the Windows Firewall.


4. Access to Acronis servers is blocked in the 'hosts' file

Make sure that Acronis servers are NOT listed in a special file, controlling access to internet addresses, named 'hosts'. Click here for instructions.


5. Issue with root certification authority certificate

Check for SSL certificate verification failure in the logs, and if found, re-import certificates to resolve the issue, as explained here.

More information

If the problem persists after opening the port, please collect the following information and contact Acronis Customer Central:

  1. Wireshark log capturing the problem: start Wireshark, then start Acronis True Image and try to sign in, wait until the error appears, then stop Wireshark, save the log.
  2. Acronis System Report.



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