56976: Acronis Backup Advanced: "Next Start" Time Is Empty In "acrocmd list plans" Output on Management Server

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  1. On Acronis Management Server, you issue acrocmd list plans command to view backup plans.
  2. The output does not show Next Start time, e.g.
Name  State  Status  Last Start  User  GUID  Next Start
 --------------------  --------------------  --------------------  --------------------  --------------------  --------------------  --------------------
 backup1  idle  ok  27.01.2015 08:00:01  Administrator@AMS...  5404FAC0-5E06-...  
 backup2   idle  ok    27.01.2015 09:00:01  Administrator@AMS...


Acronis Management Server and Agent reside in different time zones (and start time of the next backup according to the agent's time zone has passed in the server's time zone) or incorrect time is set on the server.


Set the correct time on the Management Server or ignore the issue.