56949: Acronis Files Connect: removing DFS client for Mac

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What is the best way to remove Acronis Files Connect DFS client for the users' Macs?



Please use the following shell script (save it and run it with sudo):
---- Begin Script -----
# This script will remove the ExtremeZ-IP DFS Client and revert all changes it made to your system

echo Removing GLI LaunchDaemons...
launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.grouplogic.*
rm -f /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.grouplogic.*

echo Removing DFS namespaces from /etc/auto_master...
sed -i "" '/#DFS Namespace/d' /etc/auto_master

echo Reverting changes to auto_master...
sed -i "" '/#PREDFS/s/^#//;s/#PREDFS//' /etc/auto_master

echo Removing DFS servers in /etc/hosts...
sed -i "" '/#DFS Root Server/d' /etc/hosts

echo Removing auto_dfs files...
rm -f /etc/auto_dfs*

echo Telling the automounter to reread the configuration files...
automount ┬Čvc

echo Removing Group Logic support files...
rm -f /Library/Application\ Support/Group\ Logic/* rmdir /Library/Application\ Support/Group\ Logic

echo Removing Installer Reciepts...
pkgutil --pkgs | grep -i dfsclient | xargs pkgutil --forget

echo Removing dfsservers.conf
rm -f /etc/dfsservers.conf

echo Removing saved configuration...
rm -f /etc/com.grouplogic.DFSSavedConfiguration

echo Deleting LogoutHook...
defaults delete com.apple.loginwindow LogoutHook


exit 0
---- End Script -----