56772: Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, Acronis True Image: Troubleshooting Online Dashboard

Last update: 05-12-2022

This article provides instructions on how to troubleshoot and resolve issue with Online Dashboard (access, incorrect information displayed or other issues).


1. When you install Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office / Acronis True Image on a new device, you need to log in to your account for this device to appear in the Online dashboard.

2. Make sure your computer has Internet access (you can open other websites) and Acronis servers are available through specified ports, see this article for instructions.

3. If Online Dashboard page does not open, check if your browser has any extensions/add-ons enabled. Disable the extensions temporarily and reattempt the connection. If possible, try connecting using a different browser.

4. Allow Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office through your firewall and antivirus. Check connection using Acronis Cloud Connection Verification Tool

5. Windows: make sure Acronis Managed Machine Service Mini is running (this service is responsible for communication between your computer and Online Dashboard):

  1. Open Windows services: Start -> Search -> services
  2. Locate Acronis Managed Machine Service Mini.
  3. Check the Status column, the service should be Started. If it is stopped, click Start the service.

Collect information

If the prerequisites are met, but the issue persists, collect this information and contact Acronis Support:

  1. Issue description with screenshots.
  2. Acronis System Report after the issue occurs.
  3. HAR log.
  4. Cloud certificate file: