56772: Acronis True Image Cloud: Troubleshooting Family Dashboard

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    This article provides instructions on how to troubleshoot and resolve issue with Family dashboard (access, incorect information displayed or other issues).

    1. First of all, make sure you have the correct product: Family dashboard is available in Acronis True Image Cloud (Release 2016). If you have Acronis True Image 2016, you can upgrade to Acronis True Image Cloud to get access to cloud features (navigate to the Account tab of Acronis True Image and click Buy subscription). If you have Acronis True Image Unlimited, you need to update (free of charge) to Acronis True Image Cloud.

    2. Check the expiration date of your subscription and make sure it is active. You can check it on the Account tab of Acronis True Image Cloud. Should the subscription expire, you need to renew it to continue using the product.

    3. When you install Acronis True Image on a new device, you need to log in to your account for this device to appear in the Family dashboard.

    4. Make sure your computer has Internet access (you can open other websites) and Acronis servers are available through specified ports, see this article for instructions.

    5. Allow Acronis True Image through your firewall and antivirus.

    6. Make sure Acronis Managed Machine Service Mini is running (this service is responsible for communication between your computer and Family dashboard):

    1. Open Windows services: Start -> Search -> services
    2. Locate Acronis Managed Machine Service Mini.
    3. Check the Status column, the service should be Started. If it is stopped, click Start the service.

    If the steps above have not resolved the issue, collect this information and contact Acronis Customer Central:

    1. Issue description with screenshots.
    2. Wireshark log while the issue occurs.
    3. Acronis System Report after the issue occurs.
    4. Certificate file from %allusersprofile%\Acronis\TrueImageHome\OnlineBackup\<your e-mail>, for example:
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