56712: Acronis True Image Cloud: Backed Up Data Is Deleted from Cloud When You Delete Backup Task

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This article describes the difference between deleting local and online backups from Acronis True Image list of backups.

There are times when you wish to hide some backups from the list while keeping the archived data (respective .TIB files) for further usage. E.g. the list of backups becomes too long and you decide to remove some of them, but do not want to actually delete archives from the disk.

When you want to remove a backup stored locally, e.g. on external USB drive or on your NAS, and click on the Delete button, you are presented with an option to delete only settings while preserving the archive:

Clicking on “Settings only” would not remove the .TIB files, it would just remove schedule for the task, if any, and hide it in True Image interface. Later you can bring hidden backup back to Acronis True Image list of archives by clicking on “Add existing backup”:

However, when you attempt to delete Acronis backup that is stored in Acronis Cloud, you will not see an option to delete “Settings only”.

If you confirm deletion, the backup itself will be deleted from Acronis Cloud storage. This action cannot be reverted.

Be careful when deleting online backup tasks.

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