56598: Acronis True Image 2016: Activating a Full Version

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Last update: 29-03-2016

To use Acronis True Image, you need to activate it via the Internet. Without activation the fully functional product works for 30 days. If you do not activate it during that period, all the program functions become unavailable except the recovery.

You can activate Acronis True Image either on your computer or from another computer, if your computer is not connected to the Internet.

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Activation on a computer connected to the Internet

If your computer is connected to the Internet, the product will be activated automatically when you log in to your Acronis account.

If your serial number is not registered yet, you will be prompted to enter the serial number manually. Type in or paste the serial number and click Activate.

If the computer where you install Acronis True Image does not have Internet connection or if the program cannot connect to Acronis Activation Server, click Account on the sidebar, and then select one of the following actions:

  • Try again - select this option to try to connect to the Acronis Activation Server again.
  • Activate offline - you can activate the program manually from another computer that is connected to the Internet (see below).

Activation from another computer

If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you may activate Acronis True Image by using another computer which has connection to the Internet.

Please note that boxed versions of Acronis True Image are shipped with 16-digit activation keys instead of full product serial numbers. You need to obtain the full serial number before activating the product. On the machine with Internet connection, follow these steps. Then provide the full serial number in your Acronis True Image and activate the product as described below.

To activate the product from another computer:

  1. On your computer, install and start Acronis True Image.
  2. On the sidebar, click Account, and then click Activate offline.
  3. In the Activation window, perform 3 simple steps:
         1. Save your installation code to a file by clicking the Save to file button, and specify a removable media as the file location (for example, a USB flash drive). You may also simply write down this code on a piece of paper.

         2. On another computer which has the Internet connection, go to http://www.acronis.com/activation/. The instructions on the screen will help you to get your activation code by using the installation code. Save the obtained activation code to a file on a removable media, or write it down on paper.
         3. On your computer, click the Load from file button and specify a path to the file with the activation code or type it into the box from the piece of paper:

         4. Click Activate: