56532: Acronis True Image: Archiving

    Last update: 08-05-2020

    Data archiving is a tool that allows you to free up space on your computer by moving big or rarely used files to Acronis Cloud, NAS, an external hard drive, or a USB flash drive..

    Archiving will:

    • analyze files in the selected folder on your PC and detect its size, last modified date and type
    • pack chosen files into an archive and move them to the destination that you specify
    • delete those files from the initial location

    How to use archiving on a Windows computer

    1. Select Archive in Acronis True Image interface:
    2. If necessary, select a folder to analyze. Home folder is selected by default: 

    3. Select files to archive:

    4. Select archive destination: Acronis Cloud or browse for the desired folder:

    5. Click Archive.

    How to use archiving on a Mac

    1. Select Archive:
    2. Drag and drop files you want to archive or browse in Finder 
    3. Select archive destination: Acronis Cloud, or specify the necessary location:

    4. Click Start Archiving: 

    How to access archived files

    You can browse and download the archived files in two ways:

    • using a network location called Acronis Archive:
    • in your web browser on web restore page:

    More information

    Archiving also works for files located on a network folder.