56526: Acronis True Image : Changing Interface Language

By default, Acronis True Image is installed in the language of your operating system (as specified in the System Display Language); if this language is available in Acronis True Image, and will change once you change the system language.

In case you want to use Acronis True Image in another language, you can switch to the desirable language in the user interface (no need to reinstall the product):

Acronis True Image 2019, 2018, 2017

  • Start Acronis True Image 
  • Navigate to the Settings section and select the language from the list: 

Acronis True Image 2016:

  1. Start Acronis True Image 2016
  2. Navigate to the Help section.
  3. Select the language from the list:

    Acronis True Image will restart to change the language.
  4. Start Acronis True Image. All other settings will be kept. All future updates will use the selected language preference.

Acronis Bootable Rescue Media

To change the interface of the bootable media, select desired language on media start-up:

Acronis Bootable Rescue Media (UEFI mode)

  1. Start Acronis True Image with option 1
  2. When prompted, press e to enter additional parameters

  3. Type in the following command to change UI language: lang=XX
    where XX is the language you need, e.g lang=de, lang=fr

More information

As for Acronis True Image 2016 on a Mac, the language of the product interface depends on what language is set as primary in your system. You can change it as described here.

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