56511: Acronis Backup: Backup to Managed Or Unmanaged Vault Fails If Destination Path Is Longer Than 255 Characters

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Operating Systems: 

Windows has Maximum Path Length Limitation. This limitation can cause issues with inaccessibility of vaults during backup. The returned errors are very different and do not point out the root cause because the error is returned by Windows API.

Network disconnected.
Code: 262165 (0x00040015) = MODULE_FILEIO (4) + FILE_NETWORK_ERROR (21)
LineInfo: 0xBD01591C540A1264
File: file/windows/winnt_net.cpp [404] function: WNetGetResourceInformationW filename: \\qnap-nas-test\ConverData\Backup and Replication on QNAP-TS439\Acronis_R000_GFS\computers\68FD3243-3415-48CE-BF87-84446A45E21C.C9B0899D-927F-4032-AA5E-10F6082E692A\users\S-1-5-21-1813826306-2385419752-3907779912-500\archives\E2806E7B-D8A5-4960-949F-82B06AF917CA\4_data $module: storage_server_vsa64_35180
The network name cannot be found.


As a workaround you can reduce the length of the destination path, vault name and archive name. Resulting path should not be longer then 255 characters. 

Please contact Acronis Customer Central if you need assistance.



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