56418: Backup Extension for Windows Azure Pack

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Last update: 18-11-2022

Backup Extension for Windows Azure Pack is a component that integrates Acronis Cyber Cloud with Windows Azure Pack. It enables service providers to offer multitenant backup service through Windows Azure Pack. Using the service tenants can back up both cloud virtual machines and on-premise infrastructure.


For the service provider

  • Backup Service
    An administrator can configure Backup Service in the Admin Portal, include the service into a plan and offer the plan to tenants. The administrator can create add-ons with additional resources, such as “Backup storage,” and link them to the plan.
  • Account and subscription management
    The administrator can enable/disable a tenant account with a backup service subscription from the Admin Portal. The service will be enabled/disabled correspondingly for the account in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. When a backup service subscription is deleted in WAP, the account and all backups associated with it are deleted in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.
  • Usage reporting
    Usage of the backup storage and the number of protected machines are reported by Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to WAP.

For tenants

  • Sign-up for backup service
    Tenants can add a subscription for the backup service and get access to the Cyber Protection console where they can manage backups.
  • Upgrades/Downgrades
    The tenant can add or delete add-ons with backup service resources. Quotas for the account will be updated accordingly in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.
  • Backup
    The tenant can download a backup client, install it inside a virtual machine, log in to Cyber Protection console, and assign a backup plan to it.
  • File recovery
    The tenant can log in to Cyber Protection console and recover selected files and folders.
  • Virtual machine recovery
    The tenant can log in to Cyber Protection console and recover a selected machine.


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