56379: Acronis Storage: Removing Acronis Storage from Acronis Backup Cloud

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  • Acronis Storage
  • Acronis Backup Cloud

Do the following to remove an Acronis Storage instance from Acronis Backup Cloud:

  1. Delete all End-User Companies using this Acronis Storage instance.
  2. In the management portal, find your data center's location:

  3. Login to Acronis Backup Cloud with your partner account login.
  4. Modify URL to access RAML (put in your DC name):
    https://cloud.acronis.com > https://<your data center's location>-cloud.acronis.com/api/1/doc
    where <your data center's location> is the location you noted in step 2.
  5. Navigate to /groups/{group}/storages and select GET:
  6. Provide group ID:
  7. Click GET to issue a GET request.
  8. Note the ID of the storage you want to delete.
  9. Navigate to /groups/{group}/storages/{storage} and select GET:

  10. Provide the group ID and the storage ID and issue a GET request:
  11. Note the version of the storage.
  12. In /groups/{group}/storages/{storage}, select DELETE.
  13. Provide group ID, storage ID (noted in step 8) and version (noted in step 12) and click DELETE.


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