56376: Acronis Cyber Protect: "Storage quota exceeded" alert and how to free up space in cloud storage

Last update: 29-05-2023

Why this alert is displayed:
You have exceeded your cloud storage quota.

When the alert is deactivated:
Once the quota is increased or some archives are removed from the cloud storage.

How to troubleshoot:

  1. Check the storage quota specified for the Backup account. Consider increasing the quota (see this article for help) or leave the field blank to allow unlimited storage for the user
  2. Ask the user to remove incomplete (if there are any) backups. See this article for detailed instructions.
  3. Ask the user to delete old backups (which they don't need anymore) from the cloud storage using the web restore interface:

     A: In the Cyber Protection console click Recover.
     B: In Location, select Cloud and click Recover files.
     C: In the web restore interface, select the machine which backups you want to delete.
     D: Click on the gear icon and select Remove:

You can remove an entire backup and individual slices of a backup (Recovery points). Removing a slice of a backup in the Cloud will not lead to decrease of the archive size, however, new data will be written to the blocks marked as 'free', thus saving storage space.

4. Ask the user to delete old users/groups (which they don't need anymore). All related data will be removed from storage upon user/group deletion. See detailed instructions in this article.