56367: Acronis Files Advanced: Rolling back Java to an older version

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Acronis Files Advanced users running certain versions of Java may encouter specific problems and will have to revert or upgrade their Java. These issues are caused by known bugs in the 3rd party software used by Acronis Files Advanced. (e.g. Java, Apache Tomcat and etc.)


If there is no new version of Java certified with Acronis Files Advanced that fixes the known bugs, you can revert to a previous version.

Step 1: Remove the current version of Java JRE

  1. Stop the Acronis Access Tomcat service
  2. Open the "Control Panel" and select "Programs and Features". In the Windows 8 UI, you can click on the "Windows" button and type in "ControlPanel" to get to the control panel. 
  3. Uninstall the latest version of Java.  If you have multiple versions of Java, uninstall those as well.

Step 2: Installing the older version

  1. Download the file from the Java 8 archive http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/java-archive-jav...
  2. Once the download has completed double click on the file and install Java.
  3. After the installation finishes, start the Acronis Access Tomcat service.

Known Issues

  • Java version 8u31 breaks Single Sign-On functionality.


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