56364: Acronis Files Connect: "Another copy of Files Connect with the same serial number has been found on the network" Error

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You get the "Another copy of Files Connect with the same serial number has been found on the network" error.



This message appears in case:

  • either there are two servers using the same serial number;
  • or Acronis Access service was not restated after a new NIC was added to the server.



1. You are running 2 copies of Files Connect with the same perpetual serial number what is not allowed. Please order a new license for the second server if needed.
Perpetual License: Files Connect may be installed on one (1) physical Windows based host server within the licensee’s Enterprise and on a specified number of Mac client "Supported Devices" (defined as a Macintosh computer that is present in the Enterprise): http://www.acronis.com/en-eu/company/licensing.html.

2. We are aware of a case where you may get this error even if there is no other server running Files Connect with the same license. If the server has more than one NIC (network interface controller), restarting the "Acronis Files Connect File and Print Server for Macintosh" service in services.msc should clear this message.

In cases where a NIC configuration change occurs after Files Connect has started the duplicate IP may be a second IP address on the same machine or the previous IP of the same NIC.

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