56334: Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: E-mail Notification States That Backup Has Failed Even Though It Has Succeeded

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This can happen if a pre- or post-backup command has failed to execute


  1. You create a backup plan.
  2. You set up e-mail notifications in the backup plan options.
  3. A pre- or post-backup command is used.
  4. The option "Fail the backup task if the command execution fails" is disabled.
  5. Backup completes successfully.
  6. The e-mail notification says that the backup has failed. E.g. "Task 'Simple backup (Full)' has failed on machine 'MachineName'".


This happens when the pre/post-backup command fails to execute.


Our development team is working on the issue.

If you receive the e-mail saying that the backup has failed and the log contains messages similar to "Child process has exited with code '1,116'.", then please double-check the backup status in the product.