56220: Acronis Backup 11.5: Backup Fails with "Not locked"

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Backup fails with error:

Error Code: 33
Module: 7
Info Line: df81da2c74ec50b7
Fields: $ module: disk_bundle_vs_32266
Message: Failed to create the volume snapshots.
Error Code: 50254
Modules: 16
Info Line: 14181c22ef45ae20
Fields: blocks: 25599, $ module: disk_bundle_vs_32266
Message: Failed to set the snapshot bitmap.
Error code: 9
Modules: 0
Info Line: 2aacb7b2ab852ac
Fields: code: 3758096392, $ module: disk_bundle_vs_32266
Message: Not locked


  1. Update the software to Update 6 (build 43956/43759 depending on the region), see How to update to the latest build. Re-attempt the backup.
  2. Should the problem still persist, please export the faulty backup plan, collect Acronis System Report and SnapAPI logs. Contact Acronis Customer Central.


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