56211: Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7/11.5: Connection to a Remote Machine Fails with "The required service is not available on the remote machine"

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Connection to a remote Agent machine fails with:

Code: 197681 (0x00030431)
Line Info: 0x4D5187F54ACFD9C2;
Module: trueimg_remote_full_vs_38573
Message: The required service is not available on the remote machine.

Event code: 0x00030431


Generally, the issue can be caused by:

  • either a network/firewall/connection issue
  • or a problem with Acronis Managed Machine service on the remote machine


On the remote machine, check the status of Acronis services:

  1. Open the services: Start -> Search -> services.msc
  2. Locate Acronis Managed Machine Service and Acronis Remote Agent Service.
  3. Check their status. It should be Running. Start the services if they are not running. Wait several minutes and try to connect to the Agent machine again.
  4. If the service cannot be started or stops after a while, check Windows event logs for crashes and proceed as described in this article.

After verifying the Acronis managed machine service on the remote machine is running, troubleshoot the network issue as described in this article.

More information

Please contact Acronis Customer Central if you need assistance.

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