56199: Acronis Cyber Protect: backing up a NAS

Last update: 01-09-2022

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Acronis Cyber Backup/Protect allow backing up network shares, including shared folders created on a NAS.

Best practices

Data snapshot is not available for files that are stored on network shares, and therefore the files that are currently opened for read or write operations are skipped during backup. As workaround, if the NAS allows (see requirements), install an agent into the NAS operating system instead of on the machine and enable file-level snapshots in backup options. Acronis development team is considering a dedicated agent for Synology/QNAP devices for future releases.

Otherwise we recommend these guidelines for backup of files and folders located on a NAS or a network share:

  • Schedule the backup of NAS when no one uses the files (at weekends or off-hours).
  • Give backup process a higher priority (see performance backup option) and Acronis Agent User a higher priority in accessing the NAS.
  • Ensure that files on the NAS are not scanned by antivirus software or copied by other backup solutions during backup process (you can specify respective scripts in pre/post commands).

If during the backup of a network share a file is opened for read/write operations by a third-party application, backup can end with warnings similar to:

  • Cannot create a snapshot of folder '<\\server\share>" due to an unsupported type of the volume where this folder is located.
  • The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

Setting up a backup plan

To back up shared folders or a NAS:

  1. Install Agent for Windows or Agent for Linux on a machine you can access your NAS from.
  2. Create a new backup plan.
  3. Under What to back up select Files/folders:
  4. Click Items to back up:
  5. Select Network share and specify shared folders on your NAS:
  6. Click Done.
  7. Select other settings and apply the backup plan.