56166: Acronis Files Advanced: Rebranding the administration web interface

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You can entirely re-brand Acronis Files Advanced via a special "white label" setting in the database. It will change any mention of "Acronis Files Advanced" to whatever you wish in the entire product. 


  1. On the server where Acronis Files Advanced is installed, open the Acronis Access PostgreSQL tool.
  2. Right-click on "localhost" and select Connect.
  3. Enter your PostgreSQL password.
  4. Expand acronisaccess_production.
  5. Expand Schemas -> public.
  6. Expand Tables and right-click on the Settings table.
  7. Select View Data -> Top 100 rows.
  8. Find the row server.white_label and replace the value under value text with your company name or other desired text, replacing "Acronis Files Advanced". It will replace "Acronis Files Advanced" throughout the product.
  9. Restart the Acronis Access Tomcat service.

More information

This will NOT affect any images or logos containing "Acronis Files Advanced". If you wish to change those as well, please see the official documentation at: http://www.acronis.com/en-us/support/documentation/AcronisAccessAdvanced_7.0/index.html#33116.html