56142: Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7/11.5: Incorrect Automatic Deployment of Virtual Appliance to ESXi Host with Multiple VM Networks (vCenter Environment)

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  1. You have an ESXi host with multiple VM networks and automatic deployment enabled in Acronis Backup Advanced.
  2. You start backup.
  3. Virtual Appliance is deployed to incorrect network.
  4. Backup of virtual machines fails with:
    Failed to open virtual disk file


When ESXi host has several VM networks, Virtual Appliance selects the first one in alphabetical order for automatic deployment. If this VM network does not have access to the subnet, to which ESXi host management network is connected, (e.g. it is private network connecting several VMs between each other), it fails to find ESXi host and fails to deploy.


As workaround, deploy Virtual Appliance manually or name main VM network the way it becomes first in alphabetical order.

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