55900: Acronis Backup Service: Quick Start Guide

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Last update: 15-06-2016

Acronis Backup Service is a solution for backing up physical and virtual servers and workstations to your local storage or Acronis’ secure data centers.

Before purchasing, you can try Acronis Backup Service for  30 days free of charge. See more about trial version here.

Please refer to this article to calculate licenses for your environment: Acronis Backup Service: Licensing.

Step 1 - Licenses and Accounts

Start using Acronis Backup Service by registering your licenses. After completing this step you can log in to Backup Management Console.

These are the options available in Backup Management Console:

Click Manage Accounts to open Account Management Console.

These are the options available in Account Management Console:

Step 2 - Installation and Backup

  1. Install Acronis Agents on the machines you want to protect, for details see Acronis Backup Service: Installing Agents.
  2. Create backup plans and start protecting your machines with Acronis Backup Service.

Step 3 - Recovery

You can recover files/folders or disks and entire machines.

To recover files or folders please refer to this article.

To recover disks or entire machines please refer to this article.