55869: Acronis Backup to Cloud: Freeing Up Space in Acronis Cloud

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Last update: 04-09-2019

This article describes principles of managing free space in Acronis Cloud.

Set up retention rules

When creating a backup plan, specify retention rules for the archive:

  1. Navigate to the How to back up section:
  2. Under Retention rules of the Simple backup scheme, select Delete backups older then...:
  3. Or specify Keep backups setting of the Grandfather-Father-Son backup scheme:
  4. Or specify Number of levels in the Tower of Hanoi backup scheme, retention rules are applied automatically:

Delete old backups manually

When your Cloud storage is running out of space, you will be notified by:

  • e-mail notifications;
  • warnings in backup logs.

Please consider cleaning up your storage.

  1. Navigate to the vault (for Acronis Backup Advanced users: connect to the Agent machine, you cannot delete backups when the console is connected to the management server)
  2. Select backups you want to delete, right-click and select Delete:

More information

Please contact Acronis Support if you need assistance.