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Last update: 04-09-2019

You can back up the entire machine (including single-pass backup of SQL, SharePoint or Active Directory) or separate files and folders with your most valuable data to Acronis Cloud.

Installing Acronis Backup

See detailed instructions in:
Acronis Backup: Installation
Acronis Backup Advanced: Installation

You can specify a cloud subscription registration code during local installation of Acronis Backup in Windows. The subscription is registered automatically if the machine is connected to the Internet.

A registered subscription for Server or for PC is activated automatically when the first backup to Cloud starts, if all subscriptions available in your account are the same type and have the same storage quota.

Otherwise please activate Cloud subscription manually, as described in Acronis Backup: Activating Full Cloud Backup Subscription.

Backing up to Acronis Cloud

  1. Start Acronis Backup.
  2. Click Backup plans and tasks -> New -> Backup plan:
  3. Select Items to back up:
  4. Under Where to back up click Location:
  5. Log in to the Cloud storage:
  6. Provide credentials of your account on Acronis website:
  7. Name the archive.
  8. Set other settings and save the backup plan.

Backups of each machine are saved in a separate archive to make the archive structure intuitive. You do not need to create an archive tree like a folder structure manually.

Validation of backups is performed automatically after backup completion. There is no need in manual validation.

Browsing data in Acronis Cloud

You can browse your backups in Acronis Backup and in your account on Acronis website (applicable to file backups).

Navigate to the vault, locate the backup, right-click and select View content:

Select data you want to browse:

Or navigate to Cloud backup -> For business -> Recover files from Acronis Cloud:

Restoring from Acronis Cloud

Restoring your system from a backup in Acronis Cloud:

  1. Boot the machine with Acronis bootable media.
  2. Click Recover now.
  3. Under Location, click Browse, select Cloud storage and click Log in.
  4. Specify your account credentials:
  5. After logging in, click OK.
  6. Select backup you want to recover from, select disks you want to recover and click OK:
  7. Select where to recover and other settings. Select the disk where the master boot record (MBR) will be recovered to. Map each volume selected for recovery to a volume or an unallocated space on the destination disk. For detailed instructions see Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Creating a Recovery Task.
  8. Click OK to start the recovery.

Restoring files from a backup in Acronis Cloud: see Acronis Backup to Cloud: How to Restore Files and Folders using Web Restore.

More information

Please contact Acronis Support if you need assistance.