55802: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Troubleshooting Acronis Storage Registration Issues

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    Last update: 14-05-2021

    Network issues

    1. Make sure the node with MGMT role assigned has Internet access.

    2. Make sure the registration portal is available on the MGMT node.

    Execute this command:
    ping baas.acronis.com

    If command fails with an error, check DNS servers' names in /etc/resolv.conf file on the node:

    a) if FES role is enabled on the node, the list of the DNS servers should be equal to the one specified in FES role settings.

    b) if FES role is not enabled on the node, DNS settings should be provided by the DHCP server:
    - check DHCP server configuration
    - check NAT configuration (MGMT node should have Internet access).

    Account issues

    In case you receive an error like "HTTP error <code>", check credentials you are trying to register Acronis Storage with: these should be the credentials of a distributor administrator account or a sub-distributor administrator account. Acronis Storage cannot be registered with an EUC administrator account.

    See also Acronis Cyber Infrastructure: registration of Backup Gateway under user with two-factor authentication fails

    Collecting information

    If you need assistance please collect the following information:

    1. Describe results of the above steps.
    2. Collect Acronis System Report from the MGMT node, see Acronis Storage: Collecting System Report.

    and contact Acronis Support.