55538: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: how to change storage and agents quotas and overage

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Last update: 07-01-2022


Quotas enable you to limit a tenant's ability to use the service. For more information about storage and device quotas see Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: storage and devices quotas and overage

If you do not set a quota overage, the quota is considered "soft." This means that restrictions on using the Cyber Protection service are not applied.

When you specify the quota overage, then the quota is considered "hard." An overage allows the user to exceed the quota by the specified value. When the overage is exceeded, restrictions on using the service are applied.

If the number of devices/storage size is black, it means that quota is not reached yet.

If the number of devices or storage size is orange, it shows that quota is reached:

If the number of devices and/or storage size is red, it shows that quota is exceeded:



Do the following to modify quotas and overage:

  1. In the management portal, navigate to Clients and select the tenant you want to change service quotas for (not applicable to a unit tenant).
  2. Click on tenant --> Edit
  3. Click on current quota setting of particular offering item

  4. Check or set the desired amount of quota overage and click Save