55142: Acronis Disaster Recovery Service: Business Continuity Configurator and disk strings

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Disaster Recovery Service (formerly nScaled DRaaS)
  • Acronis Backup


When you protect a new server, you will need to generate a particular disk string for this server using the Acronis Disaster Recovery Service Business Continuity Configurator and input that disk string into the archive comment during the backup plan creation. 



1. Log into your Cloud Console. Click on Support and then on Resources.

2. Download the Business Continuity Configurator.

3. Extract the content of the compressed file you have downloaded. 

4. The BCC should be run on the machine you want to protect.

5. Input the clientID. Click on Generate Targets. Copy the disk string(s).

6. The disk string can be decrypted as follows:


RAM, CPU and NIC are displayed as actual amount on the server. 

Machine type is either VA (Virtual) or PH (Physical) 

Another example: DS_073bison_STAS-PC_0_windows764-8192-1-2-IDE-PH

7. This disk string should be inputted in the archive comment during backup plan creation:

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