55058: Acronis Storage 1.5: Adding Disk Space

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Last update: 01-06-2020

Do the following in case your Acronis Storage is running out of space.

  1. Add a disk or multiple disks to the nodes of your Acronis Storage. Distribute new disks proportionally among the nodes.
  2. Generally, restart is not required. You need to restart the node(s) only if the newly added disks are not shown in the disk management. In this case plese note: when restarting multiple nodes the node with MGMT role should be the last one to restart.
    Note for Acronis Storage Express v1.3 users: if adding new disks to multiple nodes, restart the nodes simultaneously to minimize the downtime since the system is unavailable unless all nodes are up and running. Starting with v1.5 Acronis Storage Express can function while 1 node is offline, therefore you can restart the nodes one by one without causing Acronis Storage downtime.
  3. In the Management Console add STS role to the newly added drives.