54992: Acronis Backup Advanced: How to create scheduled report about last backup status

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Last update: 04-12-2017

Though Acronis Management Server provides reports both via Management Console interface and as a reporting database, in current version there is no way to generate reports on schedule. This article proposes solution to this limitation by exploiting reporting database and scripting.


The solution consists of scheduling report generating script which will generate daily report on machine status and save it locally on the machine or e-mail it to provided e-mail address.

To set the script up, follow these steps:

1. Download and unpack this file on the machine where Acronis Management Server is installed:

2. For e-mail report, set parameters:

      1. Edit the script and set report parameters:

        You will see the parameters to set:
        1. SubjectTemplate – template used for generation of e-mail's subject. You can use %date% template anywhere in the subject which will be resolved to the report creation date and time
        2. FromAddress – address the e-mail will be sent from
        3. ToAddress – address the e-mail will be sent to (mandatory)
        4. SMTPServer – SMTP server to be used for sending the e-mail (mandatory)
        5. SMTPPort – SMTP server port (defaults to 25)
        6. SMTPUser – SMTP user to use for authentication (optional)
        7. SMTPPassword – password to use for authentication (optional)
        8. SMTPUseSsl – set 0 to disable usage of SSL and 1 to enable it
      2. Save the script.

3. You can manually run the script by issuing this command on the machine where Acronis Management Server is installed:

cscript /nologo <file name>.vbs [hours]
<file name> is the file name of the reort you have selected
[hours] is an integer value: amount of hours since the last backup. Default value is 8 hours.

Or you can set a Windows Scheduler task to run the script daily with an [hour] parameter corresponding to your backup window:

This will save the report to the folder with the script or send a report to the configured e-mail address with two tables listing machines that meet the following criteria: 

First table: all machines with an "Error" status. 

Second table: all machines with other statuses whose last backup was more than [hour] ago. 

Setting the [hour] parameter to account for your standard backup windows will mean that these two tables will include all machines that require your attention. For example, a machine with a frozen backup will not send any notifications and will not have an error status, but will be included in the second table because it will be missing a fresh backup. 

Output example of a report you will receive via e-mail:

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