54692: How To Search In Acronis Knowledge Base

use Google Translate

Last update: 12-05-2021

There are a few simple rules to enhance search results:

  1. Use quotation marks for the exact match.
    • "creating bootable media"
    • "write error"
    • "0x00070004+0x00070004+0x01E50018+0x00040004+0x00040004"

This way you will receive the article containing the exact word combination or exact SER-code you are looking for.


  1. Use the minus sign to exclude a word or word combination from the search results.
    • backup to cloud -small office -vcloud
    • "creating bootable media" -"snap deploy"

This way the search results will not contain articles related to Snap deploy


  1. Use the plus sign to look for an article containing every word in a set.
  • "shadow copy provider"+"fail"

Articles containing both shadow copy provider and fail will be listed in the search results.