54620: Acronis Disaster Recovery Service: How To Mount iSCSI Storage from nScaled Cloud Console

Last update: 07-04-2016

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Disaster Recovery Service (formerly nScaled DRaaS)


When you protect a server to the cloud, you can then restore individual files from the snapshots residing in the cloud to any of your local servers by mounting the snapshot as an iSCSI storage.


1. Connect using RDP into the server we will be mounting the iSCSI storage to.

2. Run the iSCSI Initiator.

3. Enter the iSCSI initiator Configuration tab.

4. In the Configuration tab, copy the Initiator Name.

5. Log in to Cloud Console. Click on the Servers tab.

6. Click on the server which snapshot you want to activate.

7. Select the snapshot you want to activate and click on Activate as an iSCSI storage.

8. Past the Initiator Name, copied in step 4, into Initiator Node Name. Input the reason for activation.

9. Once the snapshot has been activate as an iSCSI storage, please copy the IP address without the port number from the Storage Host field.

10. Log back into the server using RDP. Run the iSCSI Initiator. Open the Discovery tab. Click on Discover Portal.

11. Past the IP address you get in step 9 into IP address or DNS name and click on Advanced…

12. In the Advanced settings, change the Local adapter to Microsoft iSCSI Initiator and click on OK. 

13. The IP address is now added to Target Portals. Make sure the target IP is reachable by performing a PING command in the command-line from this particular server. 

14. Go back to the Targets tab, select the appropriate target and click on Connect. 

15. The Target will now appear as connected. Click on OK.

16. You should now see the mounted snapshot in Windows Disk Management as a mounted online disk. If it is not mounted, please mount it and assign it a letter.