5226: Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange: Empty "From" Fields after Recovering Mailboxes from an Information Store Backup

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Last update: 02-11-2009

This is a Microsoft Exchange Server issue

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  • Using Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange you back up an Information Store;
  • You restore individual mailboxes from the Information Store backup;
  • After the recovery, the From field is empty in all the E-mail messages.


This is a Microsoft Exchange Server issue. Before backing up an Information Store, Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange sends a command to the Microsoft Exchange Server to flush the transaction logs. When flushing the logs, some values may get lost, which most often manifests in the empty From fields.

Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange cannot retrieve the values that were lost before the backup.


Perform mailbox backup as well as Information Store backup. This way you will be able to restore mailboxes or the Information Store when necessary without losing the From field.

More information

The issue is only with backing up an Information Store and restoring individual boxes from it. This issue does not occur if you create a mailbox backup and then perform a mailbox restore, or if you create an Information Store and then restore the Information Store.

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