5138: Acronis True Image 2010: Backup to a Network Share Fails Due to Connection Failure

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Last update: 17-07-2020

Either incorrect credentials have been specified or the network is down

This article applies to:


  1. Using Acronis True Image Home 2010 you are backing up to a network share;
  2. The operation fails with the following error message:

    The operation failed.

  3. In the product log there are the following error entries:

    (0xB03E9)| Tag = 0x65E40AA0B486F9D|Specified file does not exist. (0x40011)| Tag = 0xD460020904AF28EF
    Operation has completed with errors.


Network connection failed during the backup operation due to one of the following causes:

  • Network is down;
  • Wrong credentials have been specified to access the network share.


  • Make sure you can access the network from Windows (not from Acronis True Image);
  • Make sure you specify correct credentials to access the network share:
    • On the Archive location step of the Backup wizard click Browse to provide the path to the network share:


    • After typing in the path or browsing to it, click Authentication settings:

    • Type in the correct username and password to the share and click Test authentication and connection to make sure you can access the share:

More information

See also Providing Credentials in Acronis True Image Schedule Task Wizard.