50036: Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Acronis Secure Zone

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Last update: 04-09-2019

Actions -> Create Acronis Secure Zone

Acronis Secure Zone is a secure partition that enables keeping backup archives on a managed machine disk space and therefore recovery of a disk to the same disk where the backup resides.


  • Enables recovery of a disk to the same disk where the disk's backup resides.
  • Offers a cost-effective and handy method for protecting data from software malfunction, virus attack, operator error.
  • Since it is internal archive storage, it eliminates the need for a separate media or network connection to back up or recover the data.
  • Can serve as a primary destination when using replication of backups.


  • Acronis Secure Zone cannot be organized on a dynamic disk.
  • Creating Acronis Secure Zone is not available in Trial mode.

Creating Acronis Secure Zone

  1. Open Acronis Backup Console (for Acronis Backup Advanced: connect to the machine your want to create Acronis Secure Zone on) or boot the machine using Acronis bootable media.
  2. Click Actions -> Create Acronis Secure Zone:
  3. Set up Acronis Secure Zone. Choose a hard disk (if several) on which to create the zone. Acronis Secure Zone is created using unallocated space, if available, or at the expense of the volume free space. Specify the exact size of the zone. Moving or resizing of locked volumes, such as the volume containing the currently active operating system, requires a reboot. Optional you can protect the Acronis Secure Zone from unauthorized access with a password:
  4. Review the expected layout and click OK to start creating the zone.

Managing Acronis Secure Zone