4974: Disk Cloning Corrupts Linux Loader

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Last update: 25-12-2009

Reactivate Linux loader after the cloning

This article applies to:


  1. You have Linux operating system with a Linux loader installed. As a variant, you may also have Windows installed on one partition, and Linux operating system with a Linux loader installed on another partition;
  2. Using Acronis software, you clone the disk to a new one;
  3. After cloning, the new disk fails to boot into Linux operating system.


Cloning a disk with proportional or manual resizing to fit the new disk changes the sector number of where the Linux loader is installed.


Reactivate the Linux loader after cloning. See Reactivating Linux Loaders (GRUB, LILO).

More information

See also Having Acronis Startup Recovery Manager and GRUB or LILO at the Same Time.