49478: Acronis True Image: Backup Fails with "The specified file does not exist"

Last update: 13-03-2017


Backup fails with the following error message:
The specified file does not exist


Acronis True Image cannot access the first version in the backup chain. The root cause of the issue may vary: the missing backup was deleted, the backup resides on a removable drive which is not attached to the machine or on a network share which is not accessible.


  1. If you are backing up to an external drive, make sure it is connected to your computer.
  2. If you are backing up to a network share, make sure you can connect to this share.
  3. Make sure the previous backups are present in the location.

If the backup specified in the error message is no longer available (backup file was deleted or removed), click Ignore. Acronis True Image will start creating the archive anew:


In logs, you can check which version Acronis True Image is looking for:

  1. Locate the log file for the failed backup as described in this article. You need a service_yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss.log file
  2. Open the file and look for messages like:
    Cannot access the path: \\folder\Entire PC backup_full_b1_s1_v1.tib
  3. Check whether this file exists.
  4. In the log, you can also see other useful messages that can help you to identify the root cause of the issue, for example, network disconnection messages or others.
  5. For assistance, contact Acronis Support.

If you have not deleted any backups manually:

  • Make sure the full backup and all incremental backups remained in the backup location. An archive without a full backup cannot be recovered and has to be recreated. All incremental backups depend on each other and the full backup, therefore deleting an incremental backup would make recovery impossible. We do not recommend deleting archives manually.
  • Re-add backup and reconfigure backup settings:
    1. Delete the backup settings first: click the angle symbol near the backup you want to remove, and then click Delete.
    2. A question pops up asking you to either delete the backup entirely or to remove it. Click Remove. Do NOT click Delete entirely.
    3. Re-add the backup: click the angle symbol near the Add backup option, then click Add existing backup.
    4. Reconfigure backup settings: click Reconfigure.

More information

As the root causes may vary, we kindly ask you to send the Acronis system report to us for quality analysis (start Acronis True Image -> Help -> Send feedback -> Attach system report should be checked). This will help us the sort out other possible root causes of this issue and provide you with more solutions.

Please contact Acronis Support if you need assistance or ask our MVPs and other Acronis Customers for advice on Acronis forums.