49246: Acronis Snap Deploy 5: Online Deployment

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Last update: 02-04-2016

Starting with update 1 (build 1366) Acronis Snap Deploy allows to perform a deployment to a machine running Windows while the machine is online. This mean there is no need to manually reboot the machine to start a deployment.


  • Acronis Management Agent is installed on the target machine;
  • Machine is accessible by the OS Deploy Server.


  1. Start the Acronis Management Console. Machines ready for online deployment have the Online status. Click Deploy image:
  2. Select the target machines:
  3. You do not need a PXE server for online deployment, machines will be booted into Acronis environment by the Management Agents installed on the machines:
  4. Select Create new deployment template, if it was not created before:
  5. Provide the path to the master image:
  6. Select the data to deploy:
  7. Select the bootable media the target machine should be rebooted into (some 32-bit EUFI systems, e.g. tablets, cannot be booted into Acronis media, because these devices use proprietary drivers which cannot be added to the Acronis Linux-based media and thus are not supported; you need to select WinPE-based media):

    Adjust other parameters if needed.
  8. If you are restoring to dissimilar hardware, please select Use on the Acronis Universal Deploy screen. Otherwise select Do not use:
  9. Name the deployment template, verify the summary and click Save:
  10. Start deployment. The target machine will be automatically rebooted into bootable media and deployment will be started.