49228: Acronis Backup 9 for VMware: Backup to Cloud Fails with "Request result error" and Error Code 106 in Module 152

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Last update: Wed, 2016-04-06 13:36

Delete the outdated certificate file.


  1. You start a backup to Acronis Cloud.
  2. Backup fails with "Request result error" (error code 106 in module 152)

Error code: 2
Module: 218
LineInfo: 338a407ad20e0987
Message: An error has occurred while running the backup and recovery engine.
Error code: 1080
Module: 1
LineInfo: b43e776571144dee
Message: Commit of operations result is failed.
Error code: 4
Module: 7
LineInfo: 9d2de1f088cbc4d7
Error message: Failed to perform the operation with archive 'avfs:/backupname.TIB'. Error: 'Write error.'.
Error code: 106
Module: 152
LineInfo: 3fd7f6d0cae56fa5
Fields: RequestDescription : ID=[id] CreationTime=[time] IsStream=1 this=0x9f0c4f8 [N8AStorage11FesRequests10CreateFileE] Details= Name=backupname.TIB SampleSize=0 FirstSize=0 Offset=0 Limit=0
Message: Request result error


Cloud subscription was renewed, but the certificate file in the program data files was not renewed automatically.


Renew the certificate manually.

  1. Navigate to:
    Virtual Appliance: /var/lib/Acronis/vmProtect/OnlineBackup/%email%
    Windows Agent installed on Windows Vista/2008+: C:\ProgramData\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\OnlineBackup\%email% 
    Windows Agent installed on Windows XP/2003:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\OnlineBackup\%email% 
  2. Delete the .crt-file.
  3. Start backup; a new certificate will be automatically saved to the folder.

More information

Use the WinSCP utility to connect to the Virtual Appliance:

  • Install the WinSCP utility which you can get from http://winscp.net/eng/download.php. WinSCP (Windows Secure CoPy) is a free and open source SFTP, SCP, and FTP client for Microsoft Windows. Its main function is to secure file transfer between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this, WinSCP offers basic file manager and file synchronization functionality.

  • Log in to vSphere Client and open the console of Acronis vmProtect Virtual Appliance. Write down or remember the IP address of it.

  • Press CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-SPACE-F1 and then ALT-F2 in Acronis Backup for VMware (Acronis vmProtect) or CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+SPACE+F2 in the Virtual Appliance of Acronis Backup Advanced 11.5 for VMware (Acronis Backup 7 Recovery).

  • In the console please type this command: /bin/sshd

  • Launch the WinSCP utility on the machine where you installed it;

  • In the host machine field type your Acronis vmProtect Virtual Appliance IP (recorded on Step 2), the same as in the vSphere console. The default login:password is root:root (the password may differ if you changed it via web console at Configure ->  Agent Password).

  • The protocol should be set to SCP and then click on log in;

  • You will get a window with all the directories of the Appliance (Windows Commander-like interface). Here you should browse the /var/lib/Acronis/vmProtect/OnlineBackup/%email% folder and delete the Cetrificate (.crt-file).