49222: Acronis MassTransit: How Mailboxes Work

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Last update: 06-04-2016

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  • Acronis MassTransit


Each MassTransit Mailbox is comprised of 5 different folders:

  • To Send
  • Sent
  • To Be Forwarded
  • Received
  • Cannot Be Sent

When thinking about how files move in and out of these folders, workflows should be viewed from the perspective of the MassTransit Engine. MassTransit has files to send, MassTransit has files to forward, MassTransit has sent files, etc.

If an internal user is sending files to a MassTransit contact by accessing the mailbox for that account via your network then they will place the files in the To Send folder for that contact.  If it is a Server type contact, generally an auto-call is placed to the other MassTransit server and the file is transferred. If it is a Web Client contact, then an email notification is sent and the recipient contact logs into the MassTransit website and downloads the file.

Once a file is transferred it is moved to the Sent folder.

If a user (sending contact) logs into the website and uploads a file to the MassTransit server it is in the Received folder for the uploading Contact.  

If a sending contact uploads a file and selects another contact (receiving contact) to whom to send the file it will be moved to the receiving contact's To Be Forwarded folder instead. The sending contact can either select a receiving contact from a drop down list or can type an email address for the receiving contact (this is the adhoc workflow).

On occasion MassTransit is unable to send files and will move these files to the Cannot Be Sent folder. When this happens there will be a notification in the log. It happens very rarely.

These are the default ways in which MassTransit moves files around. You may have Services or Actions set up that will modify what happens once files are received, or even prior to sending for certain contacts. You can learn more about Services and Actions in Workflow section of the online MassTransit documentation

The only folder that MassTransit actively polls to check for new files is the To Send folder. For the rest of the folders, MassTransit only knows about the files within them if they have been moved or copied there by MassTransit in some manner - via forwarding, actions, services, etc. This means that you should not place files for sending to contacts in any folder other than the To Send folder, nor should you delete files from the To Be Forwarded, Sent or Received folders. If you need to remove files from these three folders, you should do so by highlighting the file record in the Files window in the MassTransit Administrator and clicking on the Remove button in the lower right corner. This removes the file record and the file: