49198: Acronis True Image on Mac: Parallels Desktop Virtual Machines Do Not Boot if Recovered as Files

Last update: 29-09-2020

Use script as descibed in this article


  1. You have backed up a Mac OS X with Parallels Desktop virtual machines.
  2. You restore the virtual machines' files from this backup.
  3. Restored machines do not boot.


Current limitation of the product.


If you see Acronis Snapshot in the list of snapshots for the restored machine, revert to that snapshot to restore virtual machine bootability.

Otherwise, run the recreate_pd_hdd.script to fix the problem:

  1. Since Acronis True Image 2017 the script is shipped with the product and is located in /Applications/Acronis True Image.app/Contents/MacOS/recreate_pd_hdd.sh on the machine where Acronis True Image 2017 is installed.
    If you have Acronis True Image 2016 or 2015, download recreate_pd_hdd.zip script and unpack it.
  2. Run the script:
    [path_to_script] [path_to_pvm_folder_with_restored_vm_files]
    where [path_to_script] is path to the folder, where the script resides
    and [path_to_restored_vm_files] is path to the .pvm folder, where the vm's files were restored to

    bash "/Applications/Acronis True Image.app/Contents/MacOS/recreate_pd_hdd.sh" "/Users/John/Downloads/My Windows Virtual Machine.pvm"

More information

Should you receive an error message about the machine not being able to connect to the hard drive, you need to restart the machine: double-click the Virtual machine, click Stop, then click Start.