49136: Acronis Files Connect displays message "Your license does not support 'Network Reshare' volumes that share network locations"

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Last update: 13-07-2017


When trying to add a volume, a message is displayed: "Your license does not support 'Network Reshare' volumes that share network locations":



This will occur if attempting to add a network volume in the following scenario:

  • The setting Enable Network Reshare Support is unchecked in Acronis Files Connect Administrator --> Settings --> File Server.
  • You click Volumes --> Create, and then in the Browse for Folder window, you select a remote share under the Network object.


There are two solutions for the issue.

Solution 1
If you’re just trying to add a local volume, select a folder on a fixed drive volume. These can be local drives or on SAN storage accessible as a drive letter. Mapped drives are not supported.

Solution 2
If you do want to add a network reshare volume for a share on another server or NAS device, follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure your license supports Network Reshare. It's an optional advanced capability that is only available with Enterprise Subscription Licenses, and in the trial version. It is not included with perpetual licenses. Please contact your sales rep or accesssales@acronis.com for information about upgrading.
  2. Then follow the Network Reshare configuration steps, if you haven't already. Be sure to restart the ExtremeZ-IP service for the changes to take effect.
  3. With Network Reshare properly enabled, you will see a new option through Acronis Files Connect Administration --> Volumes --> Create. Instead of just presenting the window to select a local folder, there will be a prompt to select a volume "On this server" or "On another server”. Click “On another server” and specify a UNC path to the share (e.g., \\ or \\fileserver01.mycompany.com). You should then be able to save that volume, assuming that the domain account you set ExtremeZ-IP to run as in Step 2 has full control over the target.