49112: Acronis True Image 2015: Acronis Universal Boot Media Builder Errors out with "Cannot load required components"

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Last update: 19-09-2016

This article applies to:

  • Acronis True Image 2015


  1. You have upgraded Acronis True Image 2014 to Acronis True Image 2015.
  2. You have installed Acronis Universal Boot Media Builder.
  3. During media creation you select Acronis True Image 2015 components:
  4. Bootable media creation fails with:
    Code: 1,572,875(0x0018000B)
    LineInfo: 0x9078F2483C89C635;
    Module: universal_restore_media_builder_vs_38938
    Message: Cannot load the required components. Please reinstall Acronis Bootable Media Builder.

    Code: 1,572,875(0x0018000B)
    LineInfo: 0x9078F2483C89C399;
    Module: universal_restore_media_builder_vs_38938
    Message: ti_boot.so

    Event code: 0x0018000B+0x0018000B


Issue in the product.


The issue has been fixed. Please follow the steps below to get the corrected version:

1) make sure that Acronis True Image 2015 is updated

2) re-install Acronis Universal Restore component:
   - uninstall the current version from Windows Control Panel
   - launch Acronis True Image 2015, switch to Tools tab and click Acronis Universal Restore

   - click Download:

   - web browser will open and download of the latest version of Acronis Universal Restore will start

   - launch the downloaded file and follow on-screen instructions to install Acronis Universal Restore. Version 11.5.39003 should be displayed on the installation screen before you click Proceed:

   - Re-attempt creation of Acronis Bootable Media. It should now succeed.