48824: Acronis True Image: Backup Fails with "Cannot access the path"

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Last update: 29-03-2016

Specify location for the missing backup


Backup fails with:


One of the previous backups in the archive was not found during backup creation.


  1. Make sure the backup specified in the error message is present in the location. E.g. for the error message above you would have to open F:\My backups\FullSystem and to check whether FullSystem_full_b4_s1_v11.tib is present in this folder.
    - If you are backing up to a external drive, make sure it is connected to your computer.
    - If you are backing up to a network share, make sure you can connect to this share.
    - If you are backing up to a mapped drive, re-map it: right-click on the mapped drive and select Disconnect, then right-click on My Computer and select Map network drive, re-map the drive.
  2. Validate the backup to make sure it is not corrupted. If it is corrupted, you will need to recreate it.
  3. Restart backup task or wait until it is started by schedule.

More information

We are constantly working on providing you with detailed and effective solutions. We kindly ask you to send the Acronis system report to us for quality analysis (start Acronis True Image -> Help -> Send feedback -> Attach system report should be checked). This will help us to sort out other possible root causes of this issue and provide you with more solutions.

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