48608: Acronis True Image 2015: Try and Decide Is Not Supported

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Last update: 08-04-2016

Try and Decide as a stand-alone feature in Acronis True Image was originally designed to help a user test a new system configuration, and "decide" to go back to a previous configuration if something went wrong. Acronis True Image 2015 is inherently a "try and decide" product, as performing a full system image backup prior to installing and testing any new software allows you to "decide" to go back to your previous configuration. With our completely re-engineered user experience and user interface, this process is similar to previous versions, and can be performed either from a local backup or one stored in the Acronis cloud. As such, the older try and decide feature was removed in Acronis True Image 2015 as its no longer needed.

See also Acronis True Image 2015: Discontinued Features.