48584: Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Acronis Secure Zone Creation Fails on Linux If There Is No Space after LVM Partition

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Operating Systems: 

This article describes the issue with Acronis Secure Zone creation in Linux


  1. You have a Linux machine with LVM partition at the end of disk layout, for example:
    Num                   Partition             Flags                 Start                 Size                  Type                  GUID                  
    --------------------  --------------------  --------------------  --------------------  --------------------  --------------------  --------------------  
    Disk 1                                                                                  81,920 MB             PS_MBR                                      
    1-1                   /boot (hda1)          Pri,Act               0.031 MB              101.9 MB              Ext 2                                       
    1-2                   hda2                  Pri                   102 MB                14,998 MB             FAT 32                                      
    1-3                   / (hda3)              Pri                   15,100 MB             10,001 MB             Ext 3                                       
    1-5                   /var (hda5)                                 25,102 MB             10,001 MB             Ext 3                                       
    1-6                   /usr (hda6)                                 35,103 MB             10,001 MB             Ext 3                                       
    Unallocated-1-1       Unallocated                                 81,917 MB             2.62 MB                                                           
    Dynamic volumes:
    Dyn1                  VolGroup00-LogVol00                         80,113 MB             1,792 MB              Ext 3                 CFB8A872-F089-...     
    Dyn2                  VolGroup00-LogVol01                         45,105 MB             35,008 MB             Ext 3                 EE46FA21-F5C9-...     
  2. You install Agent for Linux on this machine
  3. You try to create Acronis Secure Zone on the Linux machine (e.g acrocmd create asz --disk=1 --volume=1-2)
  4. The process fails with the following error:
    An error occurred while executing the command.
        Error: 0x1510008
        $module = "acrocmd_lx_38574"
        Tag: 0x7A8E520180FDC065
    Failed to change the volume. Target ID '805306597'.
        Error: 0x950012
        $module = "disk_bundle_lx_pic_38574"
        Tag: 0x3F1F68EF07E3995E
    Cannot perform this action.
    Cannot resize the volume.
        Error: 0x950047
        $module = "disk_bundle_lx_pic_38574"
        Tag: 0x253B4FA68B9FF6AB
    Cannot perform this action.
        Error: 0x950047
        daError = 5 (0x5),
        resizerError = 458760 (0x70008),
        $module = "disk_bundle_lx_pic_38574"
        Tag: 0x253B4FA68B9FF6AB
    Cannot resize the volume.
        Error: 0x95004B
        $module = "disk_bundle_lx_pic_38574"
        Tag: 0x253B4FA68B9FF6AB


Acronis Secure Zone is always created at the end of the disk layout. If there is LVM partition at the end and no unallocted space after it, the process fails because LVM partition cannot be moved. 


As a temporary workaround, you can leave some unallocated space after the LVM partition. The problem should be fixed in a future version of Acronis Backup.