48014: Acronis Backup for Linux 11.5: Backup Switches to Sector-by-Sector Mode with "Block bitmap is corrupted" Message

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Last update: Wed, 2016-03-30 08:10

The issue has been fixed in update 6


  1. You create a backup of an Ubuntu 14.04 or a Linux Mint 17 machine.
  2. Snapshot creation fails with error:
    Failed to create volume snapshot.
    Code: 458785 (0x00070021)
    LineInfo: 0xDF81DA2C74EC50D5
    $module: disk_bundle_lx_pic_38921

    Common I/O error.
    Code: 5832705 (0x00590001)
    LineInfo: 0x7AB2ECA390DEE275
    device: /dev/sda1
    $module: disk_bundle_lx_pic_38921
  3. Backup switches to sector-by-sector mode:
    Forced sector-by-sector mode.
    Code: 458798 (0x0007002E)  
    LineInfo: 0xA5695862AAF8E7B0
    PartitionId: 219
    $module: disk_bundle_lx_pic_38921

    Block bitmap is corrupted.
    Code: 458774 (0x00070016) 
    LineInfo: 0x8241CADBFCA71355
    $module: disk_bundle_lx_pic_38921


Issue in the product.


The issue has been fixed in update 6 (build 43909/43713 depending on the localization) of Acronis Backup 11.5, please update the product.