47876: MassTransit Email Notifications Are Not Received

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Last update: 10-03-2023

  • Check the log for errors regarding SMTP  A common error you will see is something like this – “an error occurred with MT - Action error: could not send email notification to "recipient";system.net.mail.smtpfailedrecipientexception: Mailbox unavailable. The server response was:5.7.1 unable to relay 0018:001F “ which indicates that there is a problem with relay permissions for the “notification_smtp_from_address” setting in MassTransit.cfg file.   
  • Most SMTP errors are going to be either a misconfiguration or a problem on the SMTP server side.  If there are no error messages in the MassTransit log and an email notification exists and other email notifications are getting received then you should check your SMTP server logs and have your users check their spam filtering and junk folders for the emails.
  • MassTransit will not send a notification if one has already been sent for a particular file.  For example, if a file is placed in the To Send folder, a notification is sent, but then another copy of that file is placed in the To Send folder (perhaps a modification was made, but the filename remains the same), and the first file was not downloaded, we will not send a second email notification for the duplicate file.  This is the same for the Received folder (uploaded files).