47834: MassTransit: Files Are Not Getting Processed By Drop Folder Services

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Last update: 06-04-2016

MassTransit can be configured to move files once they are received to another location using Drop Folder Services. See Configure Drop Folder Services.

  • If drop folders or mailboxes are on network volumes then MassTransit will need to have access to those locations.  When configuring drop folder or mailboxes on network volumes use UNC paths rather than drive mappings, for example - \\serverpath\dropfolder.  The MassTransit service should be run under a domain account and that account will need full control over the remote location.  Sometimes the remote location isn’t bound to the domain and in that case you will need to set up a local admin account under which to run the MassTransit service and then set up a local admin account at the remote location with the same name and password as the one you set up for the MassTransit service and give this account full control over the drop folder location. 

If you see errors in the log such as “Drop folder service ‘servicename’ is not available on startup. User will get drop folder errors while it remains unavailable” or “Error copying file ‘filename’ to drop folder service ‘servicename’; Volume could not be located.

  • Check to see if drop folder or mailbox was set up using a mapped drive. The mapped drive might have been removed or is unavailable for some reason.  Edit the setting to use a UNC path instead and make sure it has the proper permissions. 
  • Make sure the folder exists. 
  • Once you have reset the drop folder path and made sure it is online, you can manually process the file via the Files Window by highlighting the file, selecting the service to process and clicking the Process button on the bottom right.
  • In some cases having stale drop folder services in MassTransit can cause the Administrator to become sluggish.  It is imperative that you periodically review your drop folder services to make sure that they are pointing to valid locations.  If you are regularly see warnings in the MassTransit log regarding Drop Folder service availability you should check the service named in the error to make sure it is still valid.  An example of this type of error is “Drop folder service ‘servicename’ is not available on startup. User will get drop folder errors while it remains unavailable”

If this error occurs when sending a file – “Not sending file ‘filename’ because the service requested for output was not found” – it means that either the Drop Folder service does not exist on the receiving server, or the person/server sending it was sending it to an incorrectly named Service.  For example, the Drop Folder Service is named “MoveFiles” and the person sending the file named the Output To folder “Output To Move Files”.   The file will need to be resent with the proper name used for the Output To Folder “Output To MoveFiles”